Best Teas for Weight Loss

A hot cup of tea is a perfect drink to soothe a sore throat, keeping us warm during cold nights or drinking while watching your TV show. However, there are also particular kinds of teas which are beneficial especially when you are trying to lose some extra weight.

Teas contain a flavonoid known as catechins that allow to boost metabolism and assist the body in breaking down fats so easily and quickly. And the caffeine content in several teas intensifies energy use, making the body more effective in burning calories. These two elements perhaps work best together in the course of losing weight.

So, here are some teas that are going to make you lose weight.

Green Tea

Nights on winter months can be freezing without sipping a hot cup of green tea. Somehow, it helps in shedding those extra fats. Green teas do contain fat-burning properties which go through catechins, a cluster of antioxidants that mark the body tissue significant in storing fats. So, what you are waiting for now? Get rid of your coffee, and start drinking green tea every morning before you begin your day. You must consistently do it to quicken weight loss.

Lemon Tea

You might already know that lemons can drop excess water in our body which is causing us to gain more weight. Consuming a high amount of carbohydrates or salty foods causes the body to retain excess water within the cells. This excess water weight is merely the reason why we are a few pounds heftier at night as compared in the morning.

Lemon tea has d-limonene, an element found in citrus oil that has strong diuretic effects. Lemon tea is popular with its benefits on relieving water-related bloating.

White Tea

Not everyone knows that white teas also have a strong capacity to shed the pounds off. Research demonstrates that white tea may make the formation of fat cells slow or entirely stop, instead increase the body’s capability to change existing fat into energy. The nourishing advantages are most available in the loose leaf form.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a Chinese variety of tea. The formulation of this tea begins in heating directly from intense sunlight and then finished in the process of oxidation. Oolong tea contains a high amount of antioxidants, precisely polymerized polyphenols, which researchers demonstrate that it condenses the body’s absorption of fat. Moreover, Oolong tea has caffeine in it which gives a blow; however, it is as well found to help treat some health problems such as diabetes.

Oolong tea can also improve thinking skill and mental alertness.

Black tea

Black tea is the most popular kind of weight loss tea available in the market. This tea contains plant compounds known as polyphenols that are responsible for delaying fat absorption. Research also verifies that drinking a cup of black tea on a daily basis advances cardiovascular function.

Mint tea

Inhaling some scents can help suppress one’s appetite. So, for you to fight hunger and cravings, you have to fill your teacup full of peppermint tea. Doing this technique is going to allow you to see a skinnier you. The minty scent and the freshness of this kind of tea is very delicious and perfect to suppress hunger.

Yerba mate tea

Yerba mate tea is derived from the yerba mate plant specifically from South America. The twigs and leaves of yerba mate plant are dried up through fire and soaked in hot water to make it an herbal tea. Many people have already tried this in losing weight; however, this should be taken with precaution.

Researchers say that drinking Yerba mate tea for a long time may put us at risk of developing some types of cancers such as mouth, esophagus, and lungs. Drinking this kind of tea in moderation is okay.