3 Diet Tricks For A Flat Belly

When you are trying to slim down to achieve that slimmer look, cardio exercises can go a long way. However, eating the right diet also play a crucial role in a successful weight loss. In addition to eliminating sugar and drinking lots of water, eating fresh whole foods and healthy fats are particularly good for shrinking your waistline.

Though these diets tend to differ from one another, there are some similarities to them that you can perhaps look into. Knowing what they are can help you develop a meal plan for your own.


When trying to lose weight, calorie intake needs to be considered for your specific energy expenditure. If you are generally living a passive lifestyle, then counting your calories to a minimum should be done. You will not achieve a lean belly and a slim figure if you do not mind your food portions. Seeking a dietician is the surest way of knowing how much and what kind of food you can consume.


People who have toned stomachs often avoid foods that cause them to bloat. This is why avoiding any salty foods or diets that are high in sodium will help relieve water retention. Dairy or milk products should also be avoided as these can make your stomach appear full or distended. However, if you have food intolerances from soy, milk or gluten, talk to your physician or dietician for guidance in selecting and eliminating foods in your diet.


There are different strategies in every diet. Some prefer to eat small but frequent meals every day, while others choose to go for intermittent fasting. As long as you stay within your calorie limit and avoid overeating, you will lose weight. It also helps to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

There are tons of diet plans to choose from. What matters is to find one plan that will surely work for your lifestyle.

The Amazing Effects of Planking

Effectively working out your core can help reduce injury, improve stability and maintain mobility. Plus, it is also the only way to achieve that flat stomach for a beach-ready body. While crunches are the most common exercise for your abdominal muscles, they are not exactly the only workout that can develop and strengthen your core.

Another exercise that works more effectively in toning your stomach is planking. It is a great alternative to crunches. It can also target your core, without straining your back.

Causes Better Posture

Planks can put your entire core to work, making your midsection more functional. When your trapezius, rhomboids, erector spinae and the other muscles on your core are engaged, you will naturally stand up straighter. When you have a correct posture, your bones are properly aligned and lengthens you out thereby making you look taller and thinner.

Activates More Muscles

Why is planking better in achieving that beach-body and lean belly look? Planks activate more muscles. They target your abs, arms, and legs, making them a total body workout. Continuous crunches, on the other hand, can be hard on your back. This type of exercise pushes your spice against the floor, causing lower back pain later on.

Increases Metabolism

Planking every day is an excellent challenge to your body. When consistently done, you will burn more calories compared to the traditional abdominal exercises like sit-ups and crunches. Because planking builds and strengthens the muscles in your abdomen, arms, and legs, your body will experience an improved muscular metabolism. This ensures that you burn energy efficiently while sedentary.

Planking yields huge improvements in your muscles, posture and metabolic rate, making them effective exercises to perform. There are many variations of this workout to choose from, so you can always select the easiest level first before proceeding to a more advanced planking posture.