Does going to the gym help you lose weight

With everybody looking for the perfect body and health, it is easy to get lost in the craze. Most plans you will read will have exercise as part of the recipe to weight loss. If you hate the gym, you might be wondering if you really need it. And if yes, is going to the gym sufficient for optimum weight loss?

This has been for years a controversial topic with many experts coming up with different opinions on this matter. To fully comprehend the process of weight-loss, you must first understand the cell biology and how the body metabolism usually works in response to exercise.

You must also recognize what brings about the unwanted weight to devise ways of getting rid of it.

Cell metabolism

The cell mostly uses two main sources of fuel: fats and carbohydrates. The body prefers these two sources of energy over proteins. Carbohydrates are readily metabolized followed by fats in the body. There exist pathways that interconnect fats and carbohydrates (glucose) in the body.

Excess glucose in the body can be converted to fat; this happens by first breaking down glucose into acetylCoA. Because the glucose is in excess, the body would redirect the AcetylCoA from entering the TCA cycle and producing more ATPs (energy molecules in the body).

It will be then used as building blocks of fatty acids which are then stored in fat cells(adipocytes) in the body. In the absence of enough glucose supply, fats are broken down to produce energy for the cells.

What is the relationship?

During exercise cells become overworked and the metabolism of the body generally increases. This then depletes the glucose stores in the body forcing the cells to find alternate sources of energy. Since fats are second in line in the metabolic pathway as a source of fuel, they become metabolized to produce energy in a process called lipolysis. What this process does is reverse the mechanism of fatty acid formation. AcetylCoA is generated and then enters the TCA cycle to produce ATPs.

The main reason why there have been arguments about the feasibility of exercise as a means of weight loss is that it depends partially on dieting. Exercise alone will hardly make one lose weight if not coupled with correct dieting.

The diet to be adopted should be able to push the body into using up its fat stores as a source of energy. This can only be achieved by minimizing the intake of carbohydrates. Low carbohydrates in the body will lead to a low supply of glucose to the cells which will necessitate the use of the fat stores in the body as a source of cell energy.


Scientifically exercise is an excellent means of weight loss that has been proven not only to be effective in weight reduction but also general health improvement. Its success, however, depends on dieting.

Low carbohydrate and high protein diet will go a long way in ensuring you lose weight and equally stay healthy. Remember, when it comes to weight loss, calories are the universal currency. You are either adding or subtracting the right amount.

Why Do People Want To Lose Weight

If you ask ten of your friends, family members or colleagues, how many do you think will say yes to the question if they would like to lose some weight? It depends of course, but normally we should not be surprised if half or more of the people wish they could lose some weight.

There is a tranche of the population that is very fit or athletic, people who love a sport or activity like karate or squash, or just running. Most of these people do not need to lose weight as they are fit already and quite happy with their body, but how many people are like that? 10% of the people is a rough guess, it could be a bit more, but not over 20%. Basically we are left with 80% or more of adults that are not particularly in good shape.

For the most part these people are not very enthusiastic about practicing a sport, or they are too busy with their work and personal schedule to find the time to really get into it, except maybe 1 or 2 hours per week at the gym doing some cardio, but this is not going to be enough to make you look gracious. These people wish they had a better looking body, but it is not at the top of their priorities to make it happen.

The other important component of this equation is nutrition, and things have changed a lot in the past hundred years. Nowadays we are all constantly bombarded with commercials about various delicious food temptations here and there. The emphasis is not if such food products promoted by the big food companies are healthy or how healthy they are. No, what is sold is great tasting, juicy, sweet, crunchy pleasures to the tongue. And as we all know there is an epidemic of obesity in this country as a consequence.

In short the way modern life is structured for the majority is that it leads to a lack of exercise combined with an imbalanced diet with too much sugar content. This was not so in the past as physical activity was always a part of life and processed food did not exist. On average people were not that fat in previous centuries, but now they are. And they are not happy about it! It is not their choice to be so obese and so unhealthy, it just happened.

When they realize one day how much weight they have gained since they were younger and fitter, they look all over the Internet to find a quick remedy. But is there such a thing? Or is it a matter of lifestyle change? This is what we will discuss on this blog, so keep posted.

Find A Fitness Partner For Your Weight Loss Goals

Going to the gym to burn body fat can be very exciting at the beginning. But after months of routine, it can feel dragging and boring. Many experts believe that one of the most effective ways in losing weight and sustaining its longevity is to find a partner with the same goals. A fitness partner can help you stay on track and lead you down to a successful and long-term weight loss.

Why does a weight loss support system work? Studies show that 95% of people who want to lose weight fail within a year. Furthermore, 70% of gym-goers eventually quit in less than 90 days. Adding a catalyst that would prevent these to occur will lead to a better outcome and a more successful weight loss.

Having a weight loss buddy improves your compliance. People generally enjoy more when they exercise with a friend. Instead of treating exercise as an obligation, it becomes a form of recreation and an opportunity to socialize. People who workout together think less about the time they are spending and are more likely to tolerate strenuous exercises.

On top of compliance, it also improves your accountability. You and your gym buddy are more likely to stick to healthy meals because you feel accountable when you break your promise to avoid overeating. Nobody wants to let their friend down.

You rarely encounter people who can sustain their motivation for long periods of time. Therefore, a little push from someone who is targeting a goal with you can keep you from abandoning ship and push you when your energy is lagging.

Look at famous celebrities. They always have a trainer everytime they go to the gym. It helps them stay on track. a workout partner can pick you up when you fall, cheer you on when you are demotivated and assist you in every step of the way.