Find A Fitness Partner For Your Weight Loss Goals

Going to the gym to burn body fat can be very exciting at the beginning. But after months of routine, it can feel dragging and boring. Many experts believe that one of the most effective ways in losing weight and sustaining its longevity is to find a partner with the same goals. A fitness partner can help you stay on track and lead you down to a successful and long-term weight loss.

Why does a weight loss support system work? Studies show that 95% of people who want to lose weight fail within a year. Furthermore, 70% of gym-goers eventually quit in less than 90 days. Adding a catalyst that would prevent these to occur will lead to a better outcome and a more successful weight loss.

Having a weight loss buddy improves your compliance. People generally enjoy more when they exercise with a friend. Instead of treating exercise as an obligation, it becomes a form of recreation and an opportunity to socialize. People who workout together think less about the time they are spending and are more likely to tolerate strenuous exercises.

On top of compliance, it also improves your accountability. You and your gym buddy are more likely to stick to healthy meals because you feel accountable when you break your promise to avoid overeating. Nobody wants to let their friend down.

You rarely encounter people who can sustain their motivation for long periods of time. Therefore, a little push from someone who is targeting a goal with you can keep you from abandoning ship and push you when your energy is lagging.

Look at famous celebrities. They always have a trainer everytime they go to the gym. It helps them stay on track. a workout partner can pick you up when you fall, cheer you on when you are demotivated and assist you in every step of the way.